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Feedtech Makine Sanayi Ltd. Sti. Our Quality Policy Product quality; using machines, equipments and recent technology in compliancxe with standards for the purpose of raising customer satisfaction with technical support and after sales services, providing product delivery in time and meeting customer needs and expectations by working with minimum stock level, performing constantly developing activities in our system with the participation and support of all of our employees for the purpose of raising customer satisfaction, being a leading company with the sense of responsibility for environment and public are our quality policy. Our Vision Meeting expectations with our functional, reliable, quality products in thedirection of our respect on customers by keeping the confidence of companies on us which we’ve got since our establishment, increasing market share and competition power, being a leading company with our structure in comformity of quality standards in our industry. Our Mission Customer oriented, management and innovations on product processes, constantly development and innovations, management on results, leadership and developing of employees.

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Tax Office: Salihli Adil Oral  Tax Number: 7420397048  Staff Count: 1-5  Export Specialist: Rasim SELÇUK